Database Systems A Pragmatic Approach

Database Systems A Pragmatic Approach

Learn principles, the theories, design, execution, and management problems of databases. You may adopt a pragmatic and systematic way of solving database systems issues.

This publication discusses the database as an important element of a software program, in addition to a precious, mission-critical company source. New in this second edition is upgraded SQL content covering the most recent release of the Oracle Database Management System and a reorganized sequence of those subjects that is much more useful for studying. Also included are revised and added examples, in addition to a brand new chapter on using relational databases to anchor big, complicated management service systems. There’s also reference material from the appendixes.

This publication is based on lecture notes which were tested and demonstrated over many decades, with excellent results. Every chapter is organized systematically into short segments, together with an itemization of the vital things to be recalled. Furthermore, the book comprises quite a few writer Elvis Foster’s first methodologies which include creativity and clarity into the database modeling and design expertise.

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